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Apr 15

APAC Leaks Performers’ Information

Hi Everyone,

I want to personally apologize for the last APAC email which was recently sent out. I did not blind-copy the email list, and everyone’s email was available for all to see. I am not usually the one to send out the APAC emails, and obviously, I should never be the one to send out the emails. I apologize for compromising anyone’s privacy. Please know that APAC respects the privacy of our members and performers on our mailing list, and this will not happen again. Please email me directly if you have questions regarding this issue. Thank you.

Chanel Preston
APAC President

Apr 15

How APAC Informed Performers of Production Hold Via Email

This email came one day after the hold…no email on the date of production hold.  The FSC did not have anything about the production hold on their website until after the fact; this is VERY dangerous and shouldn’t be tolerated! 

APAC has recently been informed that yesterday’s HIV positive test has been confirmed as a false positive. Production will resume immediately.

Thank you to everyone who adhered to the production hold request. Because of the volume of testing we do as an industry, it is not uncommon for false positives to occur. There have been more of these false positive cases in the last year because APAC requested the PASS Advisory Council to treat every case as a worst case scenario, where we immediately such down production until confirmatory tests come-in. At which point we determine whether a moratorium needs to be called or production can resume safely.

Although these production holds can be difficult, remember it’s for the safety of you and your fellow performers. Thank you, again, to everyone for being patient. If you have any questions feel free to


Mar 15

FSC Calls For Production Hold But It’s NOT On Their Website!

From Porn Valley Media:

FSC Calls for Production Hold After Possible Positive HIV Test

March 20th, 2015

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FSCLos Angeles – The Free Speech Coalition today called for a precautionary production hold after a possible positive test for HIV by an adult performer using the PASS (Performer Availability Screening Service) system.

The test has not yet been confirmed, and the FSC said it will know if it is a true positive or false positive in the next day.

“If it is a false positive, we will lift the hold within the next few days,” said Diane Duke, the CEO of the FSC. “Nevertheless, out of an abundance of precaution, we will be retesting anyone who might have had contact with the performer within the testing window, and asking that producers stop filming until we know more.

“The adult industry periodically calls for production holds when any possible positive tests surface.”

Mar 15

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