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Oct 14

It Is Obvious From Diane Duke’s Silence Someone Has HIV!

From what Diane Duke hasn’t said, it would seem that this wasn’t just another false positive. In my opinion if it was a false positive, the FSC would have already put out a press release and patted itself on the back for a job well done. They released the news of the latest false positive less than 24 hours after the performer tested positive.

So, the big questions are who is positive, where did they work, and who did they work with?  Was it in Vegas or Miami?  Either way, it is not legal to film porn in either location.  The only two states in the USA that filming porn is legal in is California and New Hampshire.

Just out of morbid curiosity, I wonder if this performer worked with Nina Elle or anyone she has shot with.  I am still not sold on that false positive, especially since the way CET confirms false positives with the Roche Quantitative assay, which is not FDA approved for diagnosis of HIV.

With all the HIV scares and production halts the adult industry has had in the past couple of years one would think they would want to provide performers with some sort of protection from HIV transmissions and perhaps some education about STDs and bloodborne pathogens.  Instead however, the FSC blames the performers for contracting it off set and in their personal lives even though this cannot be proved and states that they are using the ‘latest and greatest tests available’.  They never bother to explain their testing protocol and how they confirm a false positive and get upset when I ask.

I can’t get Dr Peter Miao to answer my emails anymore because I guess he doesn’t think that performers deserve to have answers to their serious questions about testing.  What the FSC and the rest of the industry needs to understand is ignoring me will not make me go away, in fact it has the opposite affect and I just get louder!  Diane Duke doesn’t answer my emails anymore either, she pawns me off on James Deen and Joanne Cachapero who dance around the subject and try to appease me with bullshit propaganda.

Oct 14

Is Miami to Blame for HIV Scare? (

Is Miami to Blame for the Adult Film Industry’s Latest HIV Scare?

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pornshootfrom – Could Miami’s porn industry be responsible for the adult film industry’s latest HIV scare?

On Wednesday, the American adult film industry ground to a halt after reports that an actor might have contracted the virus. The Free Speech Coalition, an industry trade association based in California, announced it had “received notification from a public health department official of HIV exposure on an out-of-state set.”

It’s still unclear if anyone has actually contracted the virus. In August, the porn industry announced a two-day production moratorium after an initial test suggested HIV exposure on a California set. However, that turned out to be a false positive.


FSC has said it will announce later today if production can resume or if actors must be tested further.

The coalition has not identified the state in which the “HIV exposure” took place. The group did not return requests for comment.

At least one source in Miami’s porn industry tells New Times the scare took place here, however.

It’s plausible. Outside of California and its infamous San Fernando Valley (AKA Silicone Valley), there are only two thriving porn scenes in the United States: Las Vegas and Miami (South Florida).

Both cities have benefited from recent efforts to regulate porn production in California. In 2012, Los Angeles County passed a law requiring that condoms be used in adult films.

Porn companies and actors argued that the law was a violation of their freedom of speech. Courts eventually enforced the law, however, and applications for porn permits plummeted by 90 percent in 2013.

This summer, activists tried to expand the condom requirement to the entire state, but the legislation died in committee.

Still, some California porn companies have begun relocating to Vegas, Miami, and Eastern Europe — despite the fact that porn is arguably illegal in Florida and Nevada.

Oct 14

Production Halt Extended to Monday (

Porn Industry Extends Production Halt After Possible HIV Exposure

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Diane Duke

Diane Duke

from – A trade association for the adult film industry on Friday called for a hold on production to be extended through Monday in response to a possible HIV exposure on an out-of-state film set.

The Free Speech Coalition, which had originally called for a three-day halt on Wednesday, did not name the state where the film set was located or the production company.

Diane Duke, executive director of the coalition, acknowledged in a statement that the extension on film production could be taxing for porn studios but said the safety of actors was the industry’s top priority.

“We understand that production delays are difficult for performers, as well as producers,” she said. “However, as always, for the safety and integrity of the performer pool, we need to err on the side of caution.”


Earlier in the week, Duke had requested that people respect the privacy of the performer involved and that the public refrain from speculation “until more news is forthcoming.”

Canoga Park-based Free Speech Coalition calls production holds and moratoriums if there is a “possible risk of HIV in the adult film community,” it said in a statement. The production halts “are an important part of the safety protocols in adult film” but do not signal an actual on-set transmission, it said.

“We will continue to work with producers, performers and the health department to investigate and determine when production can safely continue,” Duke said.

Performers are generally required to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases every two weeks when actively performing, according to the Free Speech Coalition. The industry group has vigorously opposed a Los Angeles County law passed in 2012 that mandates condom use by porn actors.

The coalition put a two-day moratorium on porn filming in August after receiving a report of a performer testing positive for HIV. The moratorium was lifted after it was determined that the HIV test was a false positive.

Critics say the only reliable way to prevent transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases on set is by mandating condom use.

Oct 14

James Deen is Diane Duke’s Puppet!

After reading the story about James Deen, I realized that all he is doing is regurgitating the same bullshit lies we hear from Diane Duke.  He is even quick with the numbers, as he has probably rehearsed them several times.

While trying to sound genuine and concerned for the possibly infected performer, James comes off sounding like an arrogant twat!  He is still against condoms in porn and states that he is against government regulation of the porn industry, I guess he thinks porn should be above the law.  He then goes on to compare a hypothetical situation where pornstars would register with the state health department to the holocaust, bless his heart.

Ten years and no HIV outbreak on set is the first thing Diane and James cry out every time there is an HIV outbreak in the industry and states, “we can’t do better than zero.”  You can do better, James!  The industry needs better testing and safety protocols not another person lying about how safe it is!  James isn’t concerned with anything but his public image and his income and is quick to blame other performers for being unsafe off set…doesn’t sound very compassionate to me!

In James own words, “When someone tests positive, my concern is not for my safety. It’s for their emotion(al) state and coming together as an industry to support them and help them get correct medical care.” So, James how are you helping Cameron Bay and Rod Daily with their medical care? That’s right, you’re not!  The industry all but forgot about them already…once they made it clear they did not contract HIV on set, even though there is no way to be sure of that.

To sum it all up, nobody seems to give a shit about performers and I wouldn’t trust James Deen or Diane Duke as far as I could throw them.  Too bad because I had fun filming with James when I was still performing but I could tell then he was arrogant and it’s only gotten worse as his career and his ego get bigger!