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Aug 14

Nina Elle Back To Work So Soon….

Without even blinking an eye, her agent has her back out there working after HIV scare.  The FSC website states that performers should be tested no less than two weeks after possible exposure but the moratorium was lifted after just one day!

Aug 14

Seems To Me The FSC Lifted The Moratorium Too Soon!

In a statement from their own website the FSC says a moratorium should last at least 7-10 days for the HIV RNA Aptima test to be accurate.  And it says that retests should be done no less than 14 days after the date of possible exposure, so what the fuck happened?  I guess money talks and HIV walks!  Production treats performers like they were any other product, we could be shoes for all they care, production just wants to push their product!

All testing is paid for by talent and production does not cover any of it nor do they cover treatment if necessary!   Performers take all the risk and pays for it while production sits back and makes a fortune from our ignorance!! It’s time to WAKE UP PEOPLE AND DEMAND BETTER FOR YOURSELVES!!



Aug 14

It’s a false positive (

Nina Elle – False Positive, Moratorium Lifted

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ninaelleMike South reports: This JUST came to me from her agent.

This is good news and the moratorium has been lifted.

But PLEASE people  do NOT ever shoot when you are experiencing flu like symptoms.

Aug 14

Cameron Bay speaks out on Twitter!