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Sep 14

Holy HIV, Buttman! (

Sheena Shaw: “Oh, another HIV outbreak in PornLand… Looks like Stagliano has been fucking the talent again..”

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Sheena Shaw

Sheena Shaw

Gene Ross writes: Where’s Richard Nanula now that we need him? I’m only saying this because I think last week someone wrote on Mike South’s site that there was nothing going on [meaning something scandalous] in porn right now.

What I learned from porn is this. Wait a day and something will happen. Something will always happen, and Sheena Shaw just proved it with a series of blasts on Twitter about John Stagliano.

Shaw, a porn performer, began screwing around with Stagliano last year [romantically] about the time that another performer Katie Summers was seeing lawyers about suing his HIV ass.

At the time, Summers who appeared in a Stretch Class, made some serious allegations, among which, that Stagliano doesn’t reveal his HIV status to performers and so puts them at risk when he plays patty cake with them on screen.

Summers resented the fact that Stagliano let his fingers do some liberal walking through her body cavities while presenting a potential health risk to her. But Summers wasn’t the only one with a legitimate squawk. Stagliano compromised Brazilian performer Monica Santhiago, sexually, in ways that would make you cringe knowing his condition.


Because Santhiago lives in Brazil we had no way of keeping up with that development, but because she dared sued the sacrosanct Buttman here in Porn Valley, Summers was tormented like some early Christian church martyr. Then I was attacked by Stagliano cronies for revealing the facts of the case while the late Christian Mann, Stagliano’s GM over at Evil Angel, urged whoever he could talk to in the business not to advertise with my site AdultFYI.

I’m sure there are some Stagliano diehards who remain convinced that none of this ever happened. Then, guess what? It’s now being revealed that Stagliano not only impregnated Shaw, but there was, according to her, an exchange of $65K hush money. [Read the Story HERE]

And if what Summers had to say doesn’t penetrate some thick skulls out there, Shaw tweeted this to Stagliano: “Had I known you had HIV when we first shot, I might’ve chosen differently before going into your office w you to do drugs on set #Stagliano…”

Sounds like Katie Summers-Déjà Vu all over again. And it strikes me from that statement that Stagliano might be working his way through all the new girls in porn.

Then another tweet by Shaw caught my eye. On August 28, Shaw had this to say: “Oh, another HIV outbreak in PornLand… Looks like Stagliano has been fucking the talent again..”

I don’t want to make accusations, but in light of Shaw’s comments, think about Cameron Bay for a minute. When it was revealed that Bay had HIV, Stagliano all of a sudden took this paternal interest in her and began counseling her. Remember? [If there had been a sexual relationship, would Bay own up to it?]

The thing that always bothered me about the story is that Stagliano had access to Bay’s private information and medical records before she did. Why all of a sudden would he take that interest? Was there monkey business going on?

Sep 14

HIV Stagliano Knocks Up Sheena Shaw (

HIV John Stagliano Knocks Up Bug Chasing Sheena Shaw; 65K Hush Money *Watch the Clip

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John Stagliano

John Stagliano

Gene Ross writes: Whether it’s a boy or a girl, I think Chernobyl would be the perfect name for a baby that John Stagliano and porn performer Sheena Shaw are expecting.

However Shaw, in a series of tweets, seems less than enthusiastic.

Over the last week and a half, Shaw @DirtySheenaShaw tweets: “#STAGLIANO@evilangelempire @EADirectorSites @EvilAngelVideo@EvilAngelWeb Fuck you old man… Like I said, suck it..”

“Oh and he told me how you dream of killing your children… Jeez Louise #cps#please” [obviously addressed to Karen Stagliano]

“Karen, he took down every single one of your pictures the day we started fucking…”

“Had I known you had HIV when we first shot, I might’ve chosen differently before going into your office w you to do drugs on set#Stagliano…”

“Johnni, your money won’t keep me quiet now… 65k was nice but, after this shit… I got a big one you can suck #bitch

“Karen, I’d get the man a warm wet hole to use when he doesn’t want to use yours…”

“For a year and a half I lived in #Malibu, I was the all day long everyday whore..”


Shaw then posted on August 28: “Oh, another HIV outbreak in PornLand… Looks like Stagliano has been fucking the talent again..”

The tweets themselves are circumstantial, but today on her website, Monica Foster posted a copy of the results of a paternity test [date, July 11, 2014] stating that there was a 99% certainty Shaw, aka Samantha Ann McElwain, and Stagliano are parents of a child. From the context of the tweets it also sounds like Shaw was paid $65K in hush money in addition to getting a directing gig at Evil Angel.

You’ll remember Shaw. She was the “other woman” drawn into the cross hairs last year when it was revealed that Stagliano let his fingers do the walking in Katie Summers rectum. It was reported for months on the defunct AdultFYI that Summers was going to sue Stagliano because he hadn’t told her of his HIV condition before she committed to a part in Buttman’s Stretch #4.

TMZ reported on June 18, 2013: “A popular porn star who appeared in the movie “Buttman’s Stretch Class #4″ is suing the male lead (Buttman) … claiming he failed to disclose that he was HIV positive before they shot sex scenes.

“The woman behind the lawsuit is Katie Summers — real name Katherine Howard — who claims she was paid to appear in the film back in 2009 … and the role involved sexual interaction with John Stagliano (aka Buttman).

“In Katie’s lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court and obtained by TMZ, the porn star claims Stagliano had known he was HIV positive since 1997 … but failed to disclose that information before they shot their sex scenes for the movie.

“FYI — Stagliano has been open about his condition for years.

“Still, Katie claims she didn’t find out about Stagliano’s condition until 2012 … 3 years after they shot the movie.

“In her suit, Summers does not say if she is HIV positive.

“Summers is suing for negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress and sexual battery. She’s also suing John’s production company — Evil Angel Productions — which produced the flick.

“Summers is suing for unspecified damages — and wants a judge to hit Evil Angel with an injunction forbidding the company from continuing to produce movies with Stagliano unless it discloses his condition to others.”

TMZ takes a dig at Summers by stating that Stagliano had been open about his condition for years, however Shaw seems to have been equally in the dark when she tweets: “Had I known you had HIV when we first shot, I might’ve chosen differently before going into your office w you to do drugs on set #Stagliano…”

At the time the story broke, Karen Stagliano gave an interview with XBiz stating that the Katie Summers suit was without merit and that he intended to fight the allegations.

“John and the company feel that he did not do anything with Katie Summers that would warrant having to inform her of his HIV status,” Karen Stagliano said. “He had no genital contact with her, no sexual touching of her genitals at all that would have put her at any sort of a medical risk whatsoever.”

Karen Stagliano also claimed that Stagliano’s HIV has been undetectable for over 15 years thanks to antiretroviral therapy.

[According to, an HIV positive person is considered "undetectable" when they have undergone antiretroviral therapy and their viral levels fall below a measurable point. One study indicated that early antiretroviral therapy could reduce the risk of HIV transmission by a whopping 96 percent. But that does not mean the virus has been cured and those who come in sexual contact with even an undetectable infected person are still at risk — as small as it may be — of contracting the disease.]

When Rob Black who took over AdultFYI began reporting the budding relationship between Stagliano and Shaw, he continually referred to Shaw as a “bug chaser” which is a person who pursues sexual activity with HIV-infected individuals in order to contract HIV.



Sep 14

This May Not Make Me Popular But I’ll Say It Anyways!

I know everyone has been keeping up with the Christy Mack story, she was beaten badly by War Machine and ended up in the hospital with severe injuries.  I do not condone men beating women by any means, but it is also up to the woman to remove herself from an abusive situation! Ladies, if you don’t love or respect yourselves, nobody else will either!  You have to take responsibility for the choices you make in life and  protect yourselves.  If you knowingly put yourself in a bad situation, you can’t cry victim when something bad happens!

Everybody in the industry knows that this is not the first time Mack has been beaten by War Machine and has gone back only to get beat again.

In an interview (?p=3886), Brooke Haven stated ,“I wasn’t surprised. I knew it was going to happen. It’s not the first time that he’s beaten her up and she’s stayed. She chose to stay. It’s never right for any man to lay a hand on a woman, but I thought it was going to happen and it did happen.”  Interviewer: So you said earlier that War Machine’s rampage did not surprise you at all. Were you waiting for something like this to happen? Brooke: ”No, I wasn’t waiting but I’ve known the other times he’s beaten her up. There was a time in November, a time in February—and she stayed. And it wasn’t the first time he beat her up but this was the first time it escalated to this and became this bad. She didn’t end up in the hospital before. And she chose to stay with him. You just figure with somebody with that reputation who can snap like that, it was bound to happen.”

A few other details about this story bother me. First, there is the fact that War Machine let himself in with his own key.  Usually when you break up with someone that is living with you (especially if you are afraid of them), you change the locks!

Then there is the fact that Corey Thomas just left her there to be beaten and didn’t call the authorities. Is this guy the biggest pussy in the world or what? What kind of man tucks his tail between his legs and runs off while the woman he was just in bed with gets her ass beat?  Nobody seems to be bothered by the fact that he just left her there knowing what was going to happen!

Now there is the question of what is Mack going to do with the money that has been raised to help her pay for her surgeries that have been so generously donated by her doctors?  Is she going to give it back? Is she going to buy a house?  Is she just going to keep it? Or is she going to donate it to a charity for battered women?

Sep 14

How Can Anyone Promote This Crap?

I agree with Gene Ross that the Manson Family XXX parody is in poor taste and seems to promote violence towards women that ultimately ended in a mass murder, including the torture and killing of Sharon Tate and her unborn baby.  How anyone can find this sexy and a turn on is beyond me because the mere thought of glorifying the people capable of committing such a horrific act is nauseating!  I mean how far to the bottom of barrel did you have to scrape to dig this crap up and convince yourself it was a good idea?

Let’s not forget the new Blade Runner parody, Laid Runner.  This crapster piece featuring James Deen is another example of poor taste.  How are you going to glorify a guy who terrified  and threatened his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp , long before he murdered her while she was in the bathroom screaming for him to stop.

What does this say about the producers, actors, and actresses in these parodies?  Do they not only condone but promote violence to women that ends with homicide?

The fact that nobody sees what’s wrong with these movies and are promoting this crap, with the exception of Gene Ross, is incomprehensible!