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Kora Learns to Squirt

[nggallery id=6] Kora Learns to Squirt.  Marcus London, the squirt instructor, teaches Kora that yes he can in fact make her squirt!  After several attempts where Kora gets gushing wet we finally have lift off and her glistening girl juice … Continue reading

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Winter in Dixie

Damn I love Dixie in the winter time!  It’s hunting season y’all!  I just love seeing Southern men in camouflage …..yes sir Mossy Oak and Realtree just does it for me!!   Kisses, Kora

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The Wii generation….

I have to vent on the subject of the, as I like to refer to them, Wii generation!  When did parents start getting so slack?  When I was a kid we went outside to play; we didn’t star at the … Continue reading

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Dixie Peace Sign

Here I am with my legs in the air making “THE DIXIE PEACE SIGN”.  This was from a shoot with Happy Holiday from Dixie y’all! xoxo

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I’m Just Sayin’….

I have decided to name my blog just sayin’ because one of the things I love about the South is that we can say whatever we like as long as we are ,”just sayin’ “.   Anyone who knows me knows … Continue reading

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